07 Oct

List of Online RTP Slots Levels

List of Online RTP Slots Levels

The list of RTP Online Slots Levels is deliberately made for all of us fans of online slots games to make it easier to check the online slots games that we will play in accordance with the Best Online Slot Strategy.

* The author’s advice is to always refer to the RTP level, don’t be tempted by the appearance or song or anything of an online slots but it turns out that the slots have an inadequate RTP rate. Always play on slots that have an RTP in the range of 95% to 98% … this is the slots that can make us consistently win or it is called EASY TO WIN SLOTS.

** Note that the method of calculating your winnings in slots games is Total Winnings Within 1 Week / Month minus Total Losses Within 1 Week / Month. So, for example, if we play regularly from August 1 to August 31, with the calculation of Total Winning 5 Million IDR and Total Loss 4 Million IDR, the final result is + 1 Million IDR, this means we Win. Conversely, if the end result for August is – (minus) then we lose.

*** Always play Set Budget Mode, so for example, our monthly budget is IDR 15 million, then play for one month with a limit of 15 million IDR that we have. If before 1 month the IDR 15 million runs out then stop playing for that month and then play in the following month if there is money. Only this method can make you an online slot winner. Most people lose playing online slots because of being greedy or chasing defeat.

**** Always set a winning limit, for example our winning limit is 2 x the size of the deposit, then after this limit is reached (or close to) then immediately stop your gaming session and withdraw all your funds in the online casino (if you want to play again when is the time just deposit it instantly). Again … most people lose playing online slots because of being greedy or chasing defeat.

***** Always do not be persistent and feel the trend of the spin results, in this case we must be able to recognize the term Enticing (Hearts) where usually slots will give winning streaks in the initial spins. There are also terms Loose Mode (Loose Mode / lots of winning spins) and Tight Mode (Tight Mode / lots of spin off). Well … the author’s intention is not to insist here is when we recognize the trend that we are experiencing Tight Mode, then set the number of spins that we can understand, for example 20 spins … if it is still tight then stop playing the slots for a while. This action will save us from defeat.

Return To Player (RTP) is a term for the percentage value of the percentage return of money from an online slots game to players in the long run. For example, the RTP rate for the Immortal Romance game at wm casino Slot Online is 97.2%, meaning that every 1000 IDR we spin will have the opportunity to return 972 IDR to us. This RTP is calculated in the long term, for example if we do 100,000 spins (1000 IDR per spin) means 100 thousand IDR and the slots machine will definitely return 97,200 IDR to us. But please note that the slots machine will not automatically return this value in every spin, sometimes 10 times in a row dead spins (dead spin) … well … this is where the luck factor will determine our victory. Suppose that 100,000 spins are carried out simultaneously by 100 people from various countries at the same time in an online casino … each gets 1 million IDR for 1000 spins and is completed simultaneously. The result turned out that from the 100 people 1 person won 15 million IDR, 5 people won 10 million IDR, 1 person managed to win 5 million IDR so that the total winnings of 7 people was 70 million IDR. It means that from 97.2 million IDR – 70 million IDR is the remaining 27.2 million IDR, which is distributed very varied to a loss for 93 other people. Some only lost 1 million IDR, some lost 5 million IDR and some even lost completely. That’s the RTP of an Online Slot Machine, the higher the RTP the better our chances of winning.