30 Mar


CONDITIONS OF ONLINE SLOTS GAMESHow to play the game in an online gambling site is quite easy as simply turning the lever provided, prices appear alone. But did you know that most players do not know the terms used in this case. This is one reason why many players failed to win. Well, if you’re one of those players who do not know what the term in your game play, then this article is perfect for you.


In addition to being useful for helping you get a win, knowing the meaning of each term is also very useful to check if the game works properly or not. This can occur because online gaming is managed by the system so it does not rule out the possibility of errors. If this is the case and the terms that appear different, you can file a complaint with the developer to avoid losses.

A. Payline

This term is the key that you find in all the games. Online payment is a payment you will get when you place a bet in a round. Every game has different variations and shape of Payline, from columns to the placement position. So you do not need to be confused if you find payline different positions.

B.  Jackpot

Jackpot term certainly familiar in everyday life. Although not in the game world, the term is often used to describe the amazing gift that is obtained with much effort. Even with the understanding that is understood by the public, said the jackpot in the world of online slots is the same as the grand prize which is not easy to get.

Usually, the term used is a progressive jackpot account rated the prize offered is not kidding. This award is a prize collection of slots online players under previous. As long as the machine is played and did not win the progressive jackpot, more kinds of prices can be won.

Once a player wins the progressive jackpot, the type of price will be reset at the beginning and kind of price if the machine is played again.

C. Scatter

This is a scatter symbol that will always be in every game. This term is used to estimate the player wins in paris. Knowing the benefits of this symbol, you will be able to estimate the benefits you get in the foreseeable future is not difficult to place a bet.

Slot OnlineD. Wild

In addition, there are also long-term nature in the world of online slot machine game. Wild symbols can be used to replace the image in the scatter. With this wild, the player can still win the match, even if the composition of the picture does not establish any pattern, because the wild form its own model. Knowing this wild increase your chances to win in every game.

E. Roller

The term slot reels in this game: a series of random images that stick together vertically. These rolls are loaded symbol image blur in the machine. Usually machine 3 5 rolls in charge of running the game. But the roll has no effect on the loss of the player.

Here is a list of terms in an online slot machine game you need to know and understand. By understanding the function of each of these terms, you can increase your chances of winning and anticipate if one day the system has experienced an error that can make you suffer a loss.