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Tips For Winning At Sword Games In Ares Slots

Tips For Winning At Sword Games In Ares Slots

Slip on your slippers, sharpen your knife and get ready to take on Sword of Ares from LIGASLOT, the mythical online slot from software provider Pragmatic Play. The studio is no stranger to the mythical side of life, and in fact Sword of Ares is a direct sequel to their previous game, Gates of Olympus. Like the previous game, Sword of Ares is full of ancient Greek imagery and uses a decentralized payment system to provide wins with an increased multiplier. However, the way the multiplier is unlocked is different. Is it better? Let’s see if you can find the answer. Like Gates of Olympus, the protagonist of Sword of Ares actually stands by the reels in quite a lively way when certain events occur on the grid. The main character in this game is Ares, the Greek god of war (among others) and the son of Zeus and Hera. Ares may not be as refined as the Gates of Olympus, but he is in a cloudy realm full of mossy columns and ancient architecture. However, the 6-reel game’s grid is pretty mediocre by comparison. Several types of patterns might be added later, such as the Gate of Olympus having to solve boredom.

Sword Of Ares: Slot Features

Each winning cluster triggers the fall function. This mechanism removes all winning symbols from the reels, causing symbols to fall from above to fill the empty positions. If the new cluster is successful after the symbol has filled the gap, that symbol is also deleted and replaced. If no new cluster wins occur, the sequence ends and the total wins are paid out.

Tips Winning At Sword Games In Ares Slots

Multiplier Collection Function

Ares Sword includes a multiplier, but it works differently from before. Above the reels is a meter that displays 3 multiplier values ​​in base game and 6 values ​​in free spins. This multiplier value will start each new spin in the locked state. After tumbling, the number of winning symbols or exploding symbols is collected. Multipliers are unlocked at set collection points. At the end of the fall sequence, the total win is multiplied by the highest open multiplier. In the base games this one could be:

  • First multiplier – can be x2, x3 or x4 and unlocks when 20 symbols are collected.
  • Second multiplier – can be x5, x6, x7 or x8 and unlocks when 50 symbols are collected.
  • Third multiplier – can be x9, x10, x11, x12, x13, x14 or x15 and unlocks when 100 symbols are collected.


All reels feature four types of bomb symbols in the base game and free spins. If a bomb hits, it will remain on the screen until no more spawners win. Then detonate to remove all symbols from the board in a horizontal, vertical, cross or X configuration. Removed symbols are collected by the multiplier and new symbols drop from above. In the base game, bombs only explode if they are dropped at least once.

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Sword Of Ares: Slot Verdict

If you’ve ever played Gates of Olympus, you’ll know how Pragmatic Play leaves some things untouched while tweaking others. Changes are not clear. So some things might be more suitable, while others might be annoying. Having to collect symbols to unlock a multiplier is more of an objective-based challenge than having random multiplier symbols appear on the board as before. It’s hard to tell whether collecting winning symbols is better, worse, or just different from stacking random multiplier symbols like in the Gates of Olympus. Intrigued, you may need some experience to form a solid opinion about this particular method. In some ways, the bonus game has a vague 300 Shields Mighty Ways feel, due to the Greek references and the way you can build up value multipliers. Here they reset between turns, while in Light & Wonder the multipliers are of a more persistent quality. However, the median for Sword of Ares can be quite high, so that goes for swings, roundabouts, and personal preference. However, the method clearly works, and Pragmatic Play has pushed the bet 10,000x by increasing the win limit. Get ready for a crazy fall, a bunch of symbols to get to that level. In the end, Sword of Ares is a decent decentralized game worth reviewing. Pragmatic Play combines scatter wins with a tumbling mechanic as you link up your symbol collection and unlock a zoo of mechanical multipliers. Sword of Ares doesn’t have the same level of fresh originality as its sequel, the first game, but the expanded margin of victory and new parts will be received with great enthusiasm by players eager for this style of action.